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Determine a fare class when booking an international flight

Velocity members can earn Points on their tickets when travelling on eligible Virgin Australia flights with a Virgin Australia (VA) flight number, including codeshare services operated by our airline partners.

To discover what the Fare Class is on your next Virgin Australia flight, so you can determine if it is eligible to earn Velocity Points, and what the Points earn rate is, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Search for your international flight on virginaustralia.com

Step 2: Choose your preferred flight/s on the 'Select' page.

Step 3: After selecting your flight/s, click on ‘View Fare Rules’ which appears below the total booking price.

Step 4: When the Fare Rule pop-up is displayed, the first letter of the ‘Fare Basis’ is the Fare Class code.

Step 5: Using this Fare Class, view the Airline Points Earn table on velocityfrequentflyer.com to find the corresponding Fare Class, and determine if the flight/s selected are eligible to earn Points.

Step 6: To work out the mileage and calculate the number of Points you could earn for this flight/s use the Mileage Calculator at the bottom of the Airline Points Earn table page.