Find out how to reap the benefits of your Velocity Frequent Flyer membership.

Looking to find out how to earn, redeem or transfer Points? Interested in Status? Want to learn about the benefits included in your membership?

We've got you covered.

  • Earn Velocity Points

    Find out how to earn Velocity Points on flights, holidays, everyday shopping, your credit card spend and much more.

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  • Redeem Velocity Points

    Use your Velocity Points for flights, flight upgrades, hotel stays, products, gift vouchers and more. The choice is yours. 

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  • Velocity Membership Status

    Learn about the Status benefits that come with being a Platinum, Gold or Silver Velocity member.

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  • Velocity Member Benefits

    Velocity Frequent Flyer offers a great range of premium services and benefits to ensure your membership is nothing but rewarding.

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  • Transfer Velocity Points

    Turn the points you earn on your credit card spend, hotel stays, Flybuys and more into Velocity Frequent Flyer Points.

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  • View By Velocity

    Read our articles for insider tips and tricks to get the most out of the Velocity Frequent Flyer loyalty program.

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