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To calculate the number of miles travelled for a one-way trip, select your origin and destination below.

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* Miles calculated are approximate and intended for estimating purposes only. Only direct flights will be displayed. To estimate mileage for an itinerary that contains 2 or more individual flight sectors, please search for each sector separately. Actual mileage will be determined by the carrier flown.


Reward Seat Points Table

Once you have calculated the miles for your flight, refer to the tables to see the minimum amount of Points required for a Reward Seat1.

The Points prices displayed below are the minimum Points required on the most direct routes. Where a one-way trip includes multiple flights and a stopover, change in cabin class or multiple airlines, the Points price required will be higher2.

Taxes, fees and surcharges start from $16.953. To confirm the exact amount of Points, taxes, fees and surcharges payable, search for your route or contact our Membership Contact Centre.


Minimum amount of Points required for a Reward Seat 

Table 1

  • Virgin Australia
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Air New Zealand4
    (Trans Tasman services)
  • Alitalia
  • Delta Air Lines
Zone One-Way Miles Economy Premium Economy5 Business6
1 1-600 7,800 11,700 15,500
2 601-1,200 11,800 17,700  23,500
3 1,201-2,400 17,800 26,700 35,500
4 2,401-3,600 22,300 36,700 49,500
5 3,601-4,800 27,800 44,700 59,500
6 4,801-5,800 34,800 53,700 71,500
7 5,801-7,000 39,800 62,700 83,500
8 7,001-8,500 44,800 71,700 95,500
9 8,501-9,500 54,800 83,700 111,500
10 9,501-15,000 59,800 95,700 127,500


Table 2

  • Air New Zealand4 (New Zealand domestic services) 
  • Capital Airlines
  • Etihad
  • Hainan Airlines
  • Hong Kong Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • SilkAir
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • South African Airways7

All Reward Seat bookings on Etihad Airways operated flights will incur an Etihad Airways Reward Seat Carrier Charge.

A charge of US$50 in Economy, US$205 in Business and US$300 in First Class will be applicable per flight sector for both adults and children. A reduced charge of US$5 in Economy, US$20.50 in Business and US$30 in First Class will be applicable per flight sector for infants not occupying a seat.

Zone One-Way Miles Economy Premium Economy5 Business6 First8 Plus applicable carrier charge
1 1-600 10,000  15,000 18,000 26,000

Reward Seat bookings on Etihad Airways operated flights will incur an Etihad Airways Reward Seat Carrier Charge3.

2 601-1,200 14,000  21,000 26,000 38,000
3 1,201-2,400 20,000  30,000 38,000 56,000
4 2,401-3,600 28,000  42,000 53,000 78,000
5 3,601-4,800 35,000  52,500 65,000 95,000
6 4,801-5,800 42,000  63,000 78,000 114,000
7 5,801-7,000 50,000  75,000 92,000 134,000
8 7,001-8,500 56,000  84,000 104,000 152,500
9 8,501-9,500 65,000  97,500 121,000 177,000
10 9,501-15,000 75,000  112,500 139,000 203,000


Terms and Conditions
1. The Points prices displayed are correct as at 1 June 2016 and are subject to change. Redemption bookings are based on a one-way Reward Seat, are subject to availability and to the Velocity Membership Terms and Conditions and must be booked at velocityfrequentflyer.com.

2. The Points price for a Reward Seat will be based on the total miles for all sectors in a one way journey, except where there is a break in the journey. Where there is a break in the journey, the Points price is calculated on a per sector basis. A break in the journey includes: (a) a stopover, which means: (i) in an Australian domestic itinerary, a break of journey at an intermediate point when onward travel does not take place on the same calendar day; and (ii) for all other itineraries, including those containing a domestic to international connecting flight, when a passenger arrives at an intermediate point and is not scheduled to depart within 24 hours of arrival; (b) a change in class of travel within the journey; or (c) a change in operating airline where the airlines are located in different Reward Seat Points tables.

3. Taxes, applicable carrier charges and fees and surcharges are payable at the time of booking. These charges vary depending on carrier, city pair, fare class date and time of booking. Information correct as at 1 June 2016.

4. Velocity Points cannot be redeemed on Pacific Island flights. From 1 November 2017 Velocity Points cannot be redeemed on Trans-Pacific flights to and from the Americas and flights to and from Asia. View destinations ineligible for redemption. No First class available on Air New Zealand.

5. Premium Economy includes Virgin Australia International Long Haul, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America Main Cabin Select and Singapore Airlines.

6. Business includes Virgin Australia, Etihad Airways, Delta Air Lines (including First Class when travelling domestically in the U.S.A), SilkAir, Virgin Atlantic (Upper Class), Virgin America (First Class), South African Airways, Air New Zealand and Hawaiian Airlines.

7. Services operated by Mango are unavailable for Reward Seat redemption. Services operated by Airlink Lodge Link with a flight number between the range of SA8930 - SA8954 are also unavailable for Reward Seat redemption.

8. First includes Etihad Airways only. To redeem Points for a Singapore Airlines First Class Reward Seat, you can contact our Membership Contact Centre.