Our award-winning redemption ability means there's a seat with your name on it.

Everybody likes rewards. And when it comes to air travel, most people like seats, too. And if you take both of those things and combine them, what do you get? Reward Seats. And what frequent flyer program offers you Reward Seats? We do.

Let us explain.


Not all seats are created equal. Reward Seats are the best value seats you get to book in exchange for your Velocity Points – as a reward for being a loyal Velocity member. With flight redemptions starting from 6,200 Velocity Points plus taxes, carrier charges and applicable fees, they offer unparalleled value with a checked baggage allowance thrown in too.

Not to brag, but our Reward Seat Redemption Ability is so good, that we’ve won an award for it seven years in a row*, meaning there’s a seat with your name on it.

Want in on the action? We heard all “how-to lists” on the internet come with five steps, so here’s one we prepared earlier:                                           

Step 1: Earn Velocity Points

Do you know all the ways you can earn Velocity Points? You pretty much get them for existing. Going shopping? Get Velocity Points. Flying? Points. Renting a car? More Points. Watching the footy and eating pies? Sorry, no Points for that (yet), but you can find all the ways you can earn Velocity Points on our website.

Step 2: Find your flights

Visit velocityfrequentflyer.com and log in to your Velocity Frequent Flyer account. Once in your My Velocity dashboard,  select the ‘Book a Redemption flight’ button (it’s under the ‘Bookings’ drop-down). Whether you’re going to visit your nanna in Sydney or your in-laws in Ireland, setting off on a business trip to New York or seeking out real Turkish Delight in Istanbul, this is where you’ll need to plug in that information. Actually, we don’t need to know why you’re going. Just where.

Select a return or a one-way flight and tick the box if you want to use Points + Pay, our flexible booking option that lets you use a mix of Velocity Points and cash to pay for your flight. It means if you don’t have enough Points to get you to your destination, or you don’t want to use them all at once, you can still put some towards your flight (minimum you’ll need is 2,500 per person, per sector) and pay for the balance with an accepted credit card. Enter where you’re departing from, where you’re headed to, your dates and how many of you are going, then hit the ‘Find Flights’ button.

Step 3: Choose your seat

Economy or The Business? Reward Seat or Any Seat? Here or there? Choose your preferred flight time and fare type (you can view all the fare options by clicking the button above the departing flights list), and look out for the words ‘Economy Reward’, ‘Business Reward’ and ‘Any Seat’ – these are the seats you can book using your Velocity Points, or for ‘Any Seat’ a mix of Points + Pay.

Hit the chosen Reward Seat button on the flight of your choice, and an ‘Inclusions’ pop-up will let you know what you are and aren’t entitled to with your seat. Once you’ve found the flight, fare and seat you’re after, hit ‘Select’, do the same for any subsequent flights on your booking, and press ‘Continue’.

All Virgin Australia Reward Seats (and most of our airline partners) come with snacks, drinks, entertainment and checked baggage. Welcome to the good life.

Step 4: Pay with your Velocity Points

Do you recall Step 1, where you were earning all of those Velocity Points? Well, now’s the time you get to use those Points. Via the magic of pixels, servers, networks, codes and our IT team, you can use your Velocity Points you’ve earned in real life for your Reward Seats – plus taxes, carrier charges and applicable fees of course, but you can choose to pay these in Velocity Points as well.

Once you’ve filled in your details and chosen your preferred seat and extras, you’ll arrive at the ‘Payment’ page. If you’re exclusively using your Velocity Points, hit ‘Complete Payment’ and you’re booked.

If you’ve chosen Points + Pay, use the choose-your-own-adventure slider to decide how many Velocity Points you want to redeem (minimums apply) and how much you’ll pop on the credit card – which will earn you yet more Points.

Step 5: Sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight

And tell the family in Ireland we said hi. 

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Here's the legal stuff you might want to know

The Velocity Membership Terms and Conditions apply.
*Awarded Best Redemption Ability in Middle East & Asia/Oceanic region Airline category at Freddie Awards 2013-2019.