Good vibes only.

Jetting off to a new destination shouldn’t be fraught with stress or anxiety  - the wonder of air travel has enabled so many new experiences, that a memorable journey should be just as much part of it. 

Whether your journey is two or 24 hours – an enjoyable flight is possible, we promise! Here are five tips for a feel-good flight, every time.

Set yourself up for flying success

Charge up your devices, and load them up with your favourite shows and music so you can keep busy mid-flight.

Don’t worry if you forget – you can always access the in-flight entertainment on your own device. Or, make the most of uninterrupted air time and power through that project you’ve been meaning to make progress on.

In-flight wi-fi is rolling out across Virgin Australia fleet, so depending on your needs, you can still stay connected.

Check In Early

Long queues at the airport aren’t fun for anyone, so save yourself some time by checking in early online.

Depending on where and who you’re flying with, online check-ins can open up to 48 hours before flight departure. If you have apps like the Virgin Australia app downloaded, you’ll also receive a handy reminder when it’s time to check-in and be able to manage your trip, store your boarding pass and more.

Stay Calm

We get it, flying – especially long-haul – doesn’t induce the most zen. Restlessness, tiredness and boredom can abound, exacerbating the feeling of cabin fever (literally).

If you tend to experience travel anxiety, practicing mindfulness and in-flight meditation are useful techniques to keep it at bay.

And if flying really makes you nervous, you can identify yourself as a ‘Nervous Traveller’ as part of Virgin Australia’s Nervous Flyers Program eight days prior to your departure for some extra TLC during your journey.

Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more

Thanks to a combination of low cabin humidity and oxygen, flying induces significant water loss from the body, leading to dehydration.

That feeling of fatigue when you step off a plane? That’s dehydration right there.

Minimise the effects by drinking plenty of fluids – preferably the non-alcoholic kind. A good ballpark is around 250mL of water every hour, particularly on longer flights.

We also recommend carrying a travel-size moisturiser to keep your skin from drying out, too.

Don’t neglect shut-eye

Landing at your destination feeling well-rested (mostly) will get your trip started on the right foot.

If you’re flying with children on Virgin Australia, you’re allowed to bring selected kids sleeping devices such as Plane Pal and Fly Tot onboard so your little ones get the rest they need – just be sure to check online for approved seating configurations first.

And for adults, some noise-cancelling headphones and eye-masks can go a long way – you don’t want to let the respite go to waste.

Want more Feel Good Flying tips? Discover how Virgin Australia can help