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What's love got to do with Velocity?

Velocity isn’t just a Frequent Flyer program that provides the best redemption ability; we also help couples meet and fall in love, read below letter from Velocity member Mrs Atken.

I am writing to thank you for being just the best Airline – and for having the very best Frequent Flyer program.

Since 2010 my family has been loading our Velocity membership with International, domestic flights and direct earn credit spend. Plus, with the advantage of your Family pooling program we were able to store a significant number of Velocity Points.

On 7th November 2012, our live-at home 30 something son asked if I could get him a Reward Seat flight to the United States. My reaction was; “3 months out – no way”.

I logged into Velocity; put in the dates, and up came the flights I needed! Wow – how amazing was that. But more was to come. Along with his local travel over the Christmas holidays - he returned on 17 February 2013 a Silver Member!

But there is more! On Valentine’s Day while in America, my son met a lovely girl – and it was love at first sight. He came back home to Australia one very sad lad! So sad that 4 weeks later his boss told him to take a week off and go and see if it was real. So on 25th March 2013 another request for another flight to America on 21 April (just 4 weeks out!). Guess what? I put in the dates and up came the flights he needed – this time in Business Class.

Amazing? Yes – but there is more! With constant SKYPE, messaging and phone calls I received another request. “I want to marry this girl – can you get us both to Australia to meet the family in July!” Once again back to the Velocity site and in with the requested dates. Guess what – or perhaps you don’t need to guess as you are now convinced just how good this program is! Up came the exact flights we needed to get them both over to meet all the family.

Incredible? Yes - definitely! All the points are used – but what a wonderful purchase – not just a couple of flights but a happy ever-after story!

Thank you, Velocity, for just the most fantastic program. My son has returned from his trip to America and has won the heart of his lady. Yesterday on his birthday he received in the mail his Velocity GOLD Membership. What a bonus!

Velocity and Virgin will always be an integral part of our lives.

Thank you Virgin Australia and Velocity, we love you – you are the best!

Helene Aitken.