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Ride to Conquer Cancer

Ride to Conquer Cancer and donate today

Klaus Bartosch, the Vision Crusaders Grand Slam Team Captain, is a Velocity Platinum Frequent Flyer. Personally driven as a Melanoma survivor, in March 2013 Klaus decided to devote his energy to massively raising the profile and fundraising capacity of the Ride to Conquer Cancer events held around the nation and in New Zealand. These rides raise valuable funds to aid cancer research and bring benefits to not only all Australians, but in fact to people worldwide. In 2013, in Australia alone, over $30m will likely be raised to help Conquer Cancer and find a cure.

As Klaus says, “These rides have changed my life. Not only because I am able to publicly admit I am a cancer survivor, or because I am fitter and healthier than ever before, but because the impact that these rides have on saving lives is immense. One in three Australians will be diagnosed with cancer before they die. Those statistics represent family, friends and colleagues and are terrible figures. Cancer research is the answer and these rides will help find the cure.”

Now though, Klaus and his team need help from us. In order to complete the RTCC Grand Slam – comprised of rides in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland and Adelaide – his team of 27 riders must raise at least $405k plus travel costs. It’s indisputable too that the money generated for cancer research would have far-reaching benefits for individuals affected by this disease globally.

Do you want to Conquer Cancer? Here’s how you can make a difference. You can donate to the Vision Crusaders Grand Slam.