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Etihad Airways Revised Earn Structure

Effective 1 June 2012, a revised Points earn structure for Etihad Airways has commenced. Claims for Retrospective Points for travel up to and including 31 May 2012 will earn Points at the rate that applied on the date of travel. See the revised earn rates, which have taken effect. For Etihad Airways flights flown on or after 1 June 2012, E, U, V, L, Q, M and K fare classes will accrue Status Credits at Discount Economy rates. See the current Status Credit Earn Fare Classes.

Pre 1 June 2012 Etihad Earn Rates

Economy (Y,B,H,Q,M,K,L,V,U,E) 1 Velocity Point
Business (J,C,D,W) 1.5 Velocity Points
First (F,A,R) 2 Velocity Points