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Fee update

Membership Contact Centre fee update

3 March 2015 

Effective from 3 March 2015, Velocity will offer both a AUD$ or Points amount for all Velocity service fees so our members can have the flexibility of paying any applicable service fee either by Velocity Points or by accepted payment card.

This excludes the credit card Booking and Service Fee which is applied when the total cash component of a booking exceeds $50 and this amount is paid for by credit card or debit card.

All Velocity service fees are specified in the Fee Schedule.

Further to this, effective from 2 April 2015, Velocity will introduce and apply a service fee of $60 or 7,500 Points per person per booking for new Reward Seat bookings created for travel on one of our Airline Partners flights via the Membership Contact Centre where those bookings are able to be made online for no fee.

As a reminder, certain activities undertaken through the Membership Contact Centre rather than through the Velocity Website will incur an additional fee, as per the Fee Schedule.

If members are unable to access the Velocity Website because of disability or impairment, we may on application, waive any additional fee or fee component that would otherwise apply.