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You can now transfer Points to family members

Great news! You can now transfer Points between the Velocity Accounts of your family members. If you have children with Points you’d like to transfer to your Account or Points you’d like to give to your wife, husband or partner, now you can! More details on who’s an eligible family member.

How do I transfer?
You are eligible to make four transfers per year which are easy and free to do online (a $20 fee applies if you transfer through the Membership Contact Centre).  Simply log in to Your Account and click on the ‘Points Transfer’ button on the left hand side of your screen.  Then, simply ensure your transfer is to an eligible family member and is a minimum of 5,000 Points, but no more than 100,000 Points. So why not transfer today!

Transferring Points to family members - just one more perk of being a Velocity Member.

Happy transferring!