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Wait for an offer that's out of this world.

A message from Ground Control.

21 January 2009.

Dear Friends,

We're posting this message today to gather your support, as there's been a leak here at Velocity Rewards. It's possible you've heard the news that one very lucky person will soon have the chance to win 25 Million Velocity Points. If so, you're well within your rights to find out more.

At this time very little can be revealed of what we have planned. While it pains us to disappoint, we've been sworn to secrecy til the 1st of the month. Let’s just say that Velocity Members will soon be in the running for their choice of extraordinary experiences, one of which you might call an out-of-this-world rush.

But we need your help. It seems a group of astronauts, lead by a man calling himself "Sgt Major Scott Peterson", are having a few turf war issues and are making a rather public fuss. We're not just talking angry letters to the editor and talkback radio – we're talking blogging, Facebook petitions and YouTube posts. We need your help to stop these troubled souls before they spoil it for the rest of us. Please have your say. Please fight back.

We hope you can accept our sincerest apologies for being unable to reveal more information at this time. We simply cannot risk another leak. We hope however that you'll join with us to fight the good fight, so that one very lucky person can experience the opportunity of a lifetime.



The Velocity Team