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The 25 million Velocity Points promotion has closed

The 25 million Velocity Points promotion has now closed. Every Velocity Point our Members earned or transferred until 30 June has put them in with a chance to win!

What prize would you choose?

The lucky Member who wins the 25 million Points will be able to redeem them for one of four out-of-this-world prizes:

Virgin Galactic space package

You’ll become part of history as one of the first people ever to experience sub-orbital space tourism on the world’s first spaceline, Virgin Galactic. Depending on the final date and point of departure, the prize will be worth approximately $310,000! You’ll get two return flights from your nearest Australian capital city to the bright lights of LA and one Pioneer seat on board Virgin Galactic.

Cheeky pair of Alfa Romeos

Top Gear fans will love this one. If you win 25 million Velocity Points and choose the Alfa Romeo Sports Pack, you and a friend will drive away in not one but two sporty Alfa Romeo Spiders. You’ll also receive 50 $100 Caltex vouchers, and a cheque for $10,000. In total, this prize is worth up to a whopping $165,699.

Ultimate Shopping Spree

What on earth would you do with $170,000? Where do we start?! Here’s what you stand to score should you choose to redeem for the Ultimate Shopping Spree:

  • 20 x $500 and 160 x $100 David Jones Gift Cards
  • 20 x $500 and 160 x $100 vouchers from Myer
  • 200 x $100 vouchers from Freedom
  • 200 x $100 vouchers from Harvey Norman
  • 150 x $100 vouchers from Target
  • 150 x $100 vouchers from Woolworths
  • 150 x $100 vouchers from Coles
  • 150 x $100 Caltex Starcards
  • 60 x $100 vouchers from Rebel Sport
  • 60 x $100 vouchers from OO.com.au
  • 60 x $100 vouchers from Bunnings

Luxury holiday package

Take a holiday or ten. If you choose the luxury holiday package, you and whomever you choose (or you can go it solo) can grab your passports and hightail out of here. You’ll receive 1,000 x $100 Blue Holidays Travel Vouchers as well as a cheque for $50,000. If you do the math, that’s worth $150,000!

Who will it be? And when will we know?

The lucky winner will have 30 days from the day they are notified of their win to redeem their 25 million Points for the prize of their choice.

Good luck!