We've been remembering adventures past and dreaming about the adventures yet to come.

It's time to explore our own backyard.  

The hardest bit of being inside is dreaming about everything you're missing outside. Which made us think - where are some of the best places we've ever been, right here in our own backyard? 

Now that travel restrictions are starting to ease up, we've gone around the team and put together our ultimate backyard bucket list (complete with our very own insta-worthy snaps, personal travel recommendations, and of course, the "how" to earning Velocity Points whilst living your best life).

Pop the puzzle back in the hallway closet - it's time to put together your very own backyard bucket list. 

1. Stunning South Coast (Southern Coast, Sydney - NSW)

Travel time: Less than 2 hours by car from Sydney CBD
What you'll need: Your biggest, fluffiest beach towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, snorkel set, wetsuit and flippers. If you're one of the lucky few with your own kayak or paddle board, you're in for a treat - the crystal clear waters of the south coast are a dream. Don't have your own gear? Keep your eyes peeled for canoe and kayak rental services at select beaches. 
Why we love it:
Beautiful beaches, wildlife, snorkelling, water sports and whale watching, less than two hours from the city centre. Say no more.
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hiring a car for a day trip from Sydney. 

Straight from the horse's mouth: "We love Minnamurra beach for snorkelling and swimming. It's amazing how the water where the Minnamurra river meets the sea changes depending on whether the tide is rising or falling.  If you have a kayak or paddle board, bring it along, the waters here are calm. There's also a beautiful Golf course just around the corner." 

Minamurra Lagoon, NSW, pretty as a postcard

Killalea Beach, NSW, the pot of gold at end of the rainbow

Minnamurra Beach, NSW, nature at it's best

2. The finer things (Margaret River, Perth - WA)

Travel time: Less than 3 hours by car from Perth
What you'll need: A pair of nice, but comfortable shoes (comfortable enough for treks around cellar doors, but nice enough that you won't feel out of place if you settle in for a meal somewhere), a picnic blanket (or a scarf that can double as somewhere to sit), and most importantly a pre-nominated designated driver.
Why we love it:
Visiting Margaret River can sometimes be a little daunting - purely because there's so much to do. Whether you're a couple visiting for a romantic weekend away, a group looking to sample the local cellar doors, or out for a family trip, there is literally something for everyone. Our advice? Be realistic with your time, plan out where you want to visit and remember, if you don't get to everything you wanted, there's always next time. You won't be disappointed. 
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Straight from the horse's mouth: "When we first visited Perth we were gobsmacked by the beauty of the WA wineries! My top two winery picks would have to be the gorgeous Voyagers Estate and the Watershed Winery. So beautiful inside and out. While in Margaret River, we also treated ourselves (hey, a girl's gotta eat!) to a fancy lunch at Amelia Park Restaurant. Absolutely amazing and definitely worth the price." 

Voyagers Estate Winery, Margaret River, WA, interior

Watershed Winery, Margaret River, WA, grapes on the vine

Amelia Park Restaurant, Margaret River, WA, interior

3. Life's a beach (Meelup Beach, Perth - WA)

Travel time: Less than 3 hours by car from Perth
What you'll need: A sense of adventure, some comfortable walking/hiking shoes, and a camera (this is a must!). 
Why we love it:
While Europe might be out of bounds at the moment, Meelup serves up some serious Croatian vibes, with glassy waters as clear as those of the Adriatic Sea. For something completely different, visit Ngilgi Cave to wonder at the stalagtites, stalactites, helictites and beautifully coloured shawls that line the cave's roofs, floors and walls. 
Earn Points on car hire and accommodation - we guarantee you'll want to stay more than one day. 

Straight from the horse's mouth: "WA's beaches are out of this world! Meelup beach is a favourite for our family due to the gentle waves, gorgeous coastal walks and stunning bushland. The Nature spa in Yallingup is my other hot tip - it's a shark-free, family friendly jacuzzi experience located in a surreal and beautiful rock landscape. Need I say more?" 

Meelup Beach, WA, Adriatic Sea vibes without the crowds

Canal Rocks, WA, not just a geologist's dream


Canal Rocks, WA, every shade of blue

4. Sunsets and waterfalls (Cullen Beach and Tolmer Falls, Darwin - NT)

Travel time: Tolmer Falls is yes approximately 2 hours by car from Darwin
What you'll need: Water, sunscreen, after-sun spray, a shade shelter, picnic rug, and bug spray are musts, year round. If visiting in Summer, we recommend keeping your activities to the morning or late afternoon to avoid the full power of that Northern Territory sun. Visiting in the wet season? You'll be treated to waterfalls, wildlife and at times, spectacular storm activity - but be prepared for potential road closures and semi-dangerous conditions. 
Why we love it:
History, culture, art, food, nature, shopping, adventure, crocodiles - Darwin literally has it all. 
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Straight from the horse's mouth: "If you love sunsets, seafood and the ocean...Cullen Beach should make it to the top of your must-do list. This spot is perfect for a relaxing picnic. Preparation is simple - pack yourselves some white wine, ciders and a rug, pick up some fresh prawns and oysters and enjoy this amazing spot with a loved one, family or a group of friends. Visit late afternoon to see why Darwin is famous for it's spectacular sunsets." 

Darwin, NT, Palm trees lining the streets

Tolmer Falls, NT, chasing waterfalls

Darwin, NT, sunset dreaming

5. Mountains and mountains... of ice cream? (Mount Wellington and Mount Amos, Hobart - TAS)

Travel time: Just over 30 mins by car from Hobart to Mount Wellington, and just under 3 hours to Mount Amos
What you'll need: Whether you're looking to tackle the 7 hours return hike to Wellington Falls, or one of  Mount Wellington's less ambitious options, you'll need to prepare yourself with sturdy walking shoes or boots, sunscreen and sunglasses, some warm clothing, food, drink and a map and compass (plus a camera to prove that you made it). Not quite sure what else you might need? Check out this handy walking list to arrive prepared. 
Why we love it:
There's nothing like the rugged great outdoors to make you feel truly connected with nature. Plus, a good hike makes the stop over at Kate's Berry Farm (and mandatory home-made lavender ice cream cone consumption) all the sweeter.  
Earn Points
looking and feeling the part with gear from Kathmandu via the Velocity e-Store

Straight from the horse's mouth: "Most people head straight to the wine glass bay lookout in the Freycinet National Park without realising that the famous view they're searching for is actually seen from the top of Mount Amos! The Mount Amos summit walk is challenging and you'll need a good pair of shoes, but the final view is worth every extra step you'll have to take."  

The view of Wine Glass Bay from Mount Amos, TAS

Ice cream at Kate's Berry Farm, TAS, the sweeter the berry

Kate's Berry Farm, TAS, Lavender Fields Forever

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