Points for you, and presents for everyone else!

(Yes, even odd Uncle Glen.)

Present shopping. Love it or loathe it, the hours of internally debating endless gift choices for your nearest and dearest always pays off in the end. But did you know there’s a way to make gift giving even more rewarding? (Well, for you anyway.)

Gift buying time is also, perhaps surprisingly, a prime time to earn Velocity Points when you shop via the hundreds of retailers on our e-Store online or via the Velocity app. There’s even regular Points bonuses to be had on selected brands, so you can treat your partner, your parents, your puppy – whoever – and treat yourself, too. After all, who said that the art of giving meant you couldn't also give something back to yourself?

Here are our top stores to shop with to earn Brownie points AND Velocity Points.


The perfect place to shop for: Dad

Owning an outdated iPod, watching YouTube fail videos without headphones, renting DVDs from the video store. They’re all classic dad moves. If it’s time to up dad’s tech game a notch, choose some select accessories or go for major creds with an all singing, all dancing new iPhone. Or just get a couple of gift cards as emergency back-up gifts for those people you invariably forget.

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The perfect place to shop for: Anyone

Unless you get creative with the wrapping, you can spot a book a mile off. But you can add some mystique by adding a ‘do not open until’ stipulation. Set the big reveal for the next time they go on holiday/need a good lol/want to channel their inner chef depending on the genre. And you’ll find every possible category at Booktopia – so if you know anyone into ‘paranormal romance’, you’re golden.

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The perfect place to shop for: The work Kris Kringle/birthday/thank you

Picked someone you’ve never spoken to out of the Kris Kringle hat? Been tasked with buying quiet Ned a birthday pressie? Have to thank Sue from Accounting for receipting your POs for you (again)? No problem. T2’s the place for you for three reasons.

  1. No reasonable person dislikes a good brew.
  2. It’s easy enough to casually observe said recipient’s tea preference while you’re waiting for the office kettle to boil.
  3. There are plenty of options under $15.

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The perfect place to shop for: The gal who dresses to impress

Doesn’t matter if it’s your sister, your daughter, your mum or your partner, if they’ve got first-rate taste, the designer collections on Net-A-Porter promise to please label lovers everywhere. Browse designs fresh off the runway, ultra-luxe makeup, high fine jewellery and designer kicks – or check if your loved one already has an online wish list they can share with you to save you wondering whether they’d prefer the Fendi mules or the Gucci slides.

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The perfect place to shop for: The kids

With a mix of techy toys and classic games, eBay’s got the monopoly (sorry) on gifts to delight the kids. There are plenty of smaller items to choose from, or try and nab a bargain, big ticket item by bidding on auctions.

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The Iconic

The perfect place for: Your BFF, siblings

We all know someone who has a big event every weekend from the beginning of the year through to the end of December. Stop by The Iconic to pick up the perfect party ensemble or statement piece for them – you know they’ll get the wear out of it.

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The perfect place to shop for: Your partner

Fed up of your other half confusing your bath towels? Commandeering all of the pillows? Borrowing your dressing gown? Get them their own version from Sheridan and take advantage of their monogramming service to add a personal touch. It’s only $15 (or priceless when you think about all the arguments it’ll save you having).

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Appliances Online

The perfect place to shop for: Older kids

You can’t go wrong with a gadget for teenagers. Try a portable speaker for music lovers or let mini Masterchefs take their bakes next level with some swish kitchen kit. If you’re buying for kids heading off to uni or getting their own place things like juicers, coffee machines and slow cookers make great practical presents.

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Now you’ve got the gift ideas, head over to our e-store and start checking off those presents from your list!


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