Fly to hundreds of places with our very own global airline alliance.

Sound big and important? It is.

Think you’re restricted to accumulating Velocity Points in Australia? Think again. In fact, if you can’t fly with us, we encourage you to fly with one of our partners. That way you can score a stack of Velocity Points and Status Credits while trotting the globe.

Earn Velocity Points

We don’t boast about it as much as we should (modesty’s a virtue), but we’re pretty well connected. In fact, you can earn Velocity Points and Status Credits when you fly on eligible fares to hundreds of destinations, with a bunch of our alliance pals like Singapore Airlines, Etihad Airways, Delta Air Lines and so many more.

That means you can stock up on Velocity Points and Status Credits flying around the world. From Berlin to Balikpapan (that’s in Indonesia, a lovely place that Singapore Airlines Flies to), there’s plenty of potential for the mileage to add up. It doesn’t matter which destination is on your wish list, chances are we have a partner that flies there that’ll earn you Velocity Points. Handy, eh?

Use Velocity Points

In the same way that you can earn Velocity Points flying with us or our airline partners, you can also use your Velocity Points flying with – you guessed it – Virgin Australia or many of our world-class airline partners. If you jump online, you can book a Reward Seat or Any Seat on Virgin Australia domestic and international flights, or book a Reward Seat with our mates at Delta Air Lines, Singapore Airlines, SilkAir and Etihad Airways – all within a few desktop clicks.

If you want to use your Velocity Points on a Reward Seat on a flight operated through our partners Hawaiian Airways, South African Airways, Hainan Airlines or Virgin Atlantic – well, you can do that too by calling our Membership Contact Centre

So, if you’ve been busy clocking up Velocity Points, you can spin a globe (an actual one or via the Velocity App), plant your finger on a spot and find a way to get there (or nearby, at least).

Bon voyage.

Here's the legal stuff you might want to know

Velocity Membership Terms and Conditions apply.