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Earn Velocity Points with Flexicar

Velocity members will earn 2 Points per $1 spent on all Flexicar bookings, so the longer the booking the more Points you earn.*

*Terms and Conditions apply

  • Velocity members will earn 2 Velocity Points for every $1 spent on Flexicar rentals. Points are only earned on Flexicar rental usage charges which are typically calculated based on hourly rates, daily rates, or kilometre rates. Points are not earned on Flexicar membership fees, Flexicar service fees, damage excess, damages charges or other fees and charges imposed as per the Flexicar T&C’s e.g. unadvised late returns, parking tickets, speeding fines, clamping fines, clearways and impound charges and other third party penalties, tolls, fines, or charges.
  • To be eligible for Velocity Points, members must:
    • Be a current and valid Flexicar member and a current Velocity member; and
    • Enter a valid Velocity membership number when signing up to Flexicar or by adding your Velocity membership number to your existing Flexicar membership profile prior to making your booking.
  • Silver, Gold and Platinum Velocity Members will earn bonus Velocity Points spent on Flexicar Rentals on top of the base Velocity Points earned, at the rates of 50%, 75% and 100% respectively. This represents that Silver Velocity Members will earn 3 Velocity Points for every $1 spent, Gold Velocity Members will earn 3.5 Velocity Points for every $1 spent and Platinum Velocity Members will earn 4 Velocity Points for every $1 spent.
  • Family and Business Accounts: The Flexicar member renting the vehicle with a Velocity Frequent Flyer number attached to their driver account will earn the Velocity Frequent Flyer points, not the Flexicar member whose payment details are linked to the family or business account.
  • Velocity members who become Flexicar members after 21 July 2020 will be entitled to 500 Velocity Points after their first Flexicar rental has been completed and paid in full, provided they enter their Velocity membership number at the time of booking.
  • Vehicle bookings are governed by Flexicar standard booking Terms and Conditions. Velocity membership, Points earn, and redemption are subject to the Velocity Membership Terms and Condition.