Earn Velocity points when when you sign up to a Mint Payments

Earn 5,000 Velocity Points1 when you sign up to a Mint Payments Velocity Rewards Plan and be rewarded for every year you use Mint.3

How Many Points will I earn?

  • Receive 5,000 Velocity Points when you sign up to a new payment system1
  • Earn 1 Velocity Point per $20 processed on eligible transactions using the Mint POS2
  • Earn 2,500 Velocity Points for every year you use Mint payments3

How to earn

  • When you sign up to a new payment system, select the check box to earn Velocity Frequent Flyer Points on eligible transactions
  • Enter your Velocity membership number
  • Points earned on transactions will be credited to your Velocity account every month 
Terms & Conditions:

To be eligible to join the Mint Payments Velocity Rewards Plan (Plan) you must be a merchant contracted with an eligible Mint (Aust) Pty Limited product or service (Merchant). To be eligible to receive Velocity Points (Points) under the Plan, a Merchant must nominate a designated merchant representative (Representative) to receive Points on behalf of the Merchant. Representative must be an existing Velocity Member. 

  1. To receive 5,000 Points on signing up to a Plan, a Merchant must sign up to the Plan via the Mint and Velocity co-branded landing page and link the Plan to a Merchant Account containing the Representative’s Velocity membership details. 
  2. Only payments processed using Visa or Mastercard are eligible to earn Points. 
  3. Merchants must maintain a Plan continuously and process at least AU$150,000 in eligible transactions for the relevant 12-month period to receive the 2,500 Points. Not all transactions are eligible for Points earn.  Mint products and services are administered by Mint (Aust) Pty Limited (ABN 49 116 825 033) and not Velocity. The Velocity Membership Terms & Conditions and the Mint Payments Velocity Rewards Plan Terms and Conditions apply and both are subject to change from time to time. View full Terms and Conditions.