Triple Velocity Points Terms and Conditions

Select Velocity members that have been contacted by the Velocity Member Contact Centre will earn triple Velocity Points on all Eligible Purchases at 7-Eleven stores in Australia between 12:00am AEST 8 August 2022 and 11:59pm AEST 11 September 2022 (Offer Period) as follows: 6 Velocity Points per 1 litre of Mobil Extra 95 and Mobil Supreme+ 98 (Premium Fuel); 3 Velocity Points per 1 litre of any other fuel sold at 7-Eleven (Regular Fuel); and 6 Velocity Points per $1 (including GST) spent on in-store Eligible Purchases. This offer may be redeemed multiple times during the Offer Period. This offer is not transferrable, only the member directly contacted by the Velocity Member Contact Centre will receive the triple Points offer.

Eligible Purchases are purchases at 7-Eleven stores made using an Eligible Payment Method, other than purchases of Excluded Products.


Excluded Products include, but are not limited to, tobacco, prepaid transport tickets, mobile phone products, gift cards and vouchers, parcel and hire services, purchases made online or via any home delivery services platform, and other excluded purchases specified in the Partnership Terms and Conditions. An Eligible Payment Method is any payment method other than: 7-Eleven Fuel Pass, any fleet card, Motorpass, vouchers, free offers or any other excluded payment method specified in the Partnership Terms and Conditions as ineligible for Velocity Points (each an Ineligible Payment Method).  For a full list of exclusions and full Partnership Terms and Conditions visit

A Velocity member must scan their Velocity-linked My Card (found in the My 7-Eleven app) or Velocity membership card (physical or via the Velocity app) before completing the transaction to receive Velocity Points.
The exact number of Points to be awarded will be calculated after excluding any products or services which form part of a transaction which are not Eligible Purchases.  Fractions of Velocity Points will not be allocated. The total Points awarded is calculated by applying the relevant

Points earn rate to the actual number of litres of fuel purchased and the purchase price paid for in-store Eligible Purchases, before rounding the combined Points up to a whole number. Standard earn Points for 7-Eleven purchases will be allocated to member accounts within 24 hours of following the transaction, unless otherwise stated in connection with a specific promotional campaign. The bonus Velocity Points for this offer (2 x the base Velocity Points earned during the promotion period) will be allocated to member accounts within 2 weeks from the end of the promotion period.

To earn Velocity Points, you must be a Velocity member. Velocity membership is subject to the Velocity membership Terms and Conditions. Use of the My 7-Eleven app is governed by the My 7-Eleven app Terms and Conditions.

For full Terms and Conditions visit