Announcing the winners of the flybuys and Velocity January 'Transfer Surprise' competition

Date of publish: 6 March 2019

We are pleased to announce the winners of the flybuys and Velocity 'Transfer Surprise' competition.

Winners of a $1,000 Virgin Australia voucher:

J Kearney, WA

S Stanborough, SA

T Kenyon, SA

J Strachan, QLD

K Gebar, VIC

D Tran, NSW

K McMahon, SA

K Ambrose,VIC

M Boulton, NSW

E Blenkinsop, NT

I Brooksbank, VIC

D Ran, NSW

N Warhurst, VIC

M Tomlin, NSW

M Barnard, VIC

M Scudds, VIC

B Gordon, NSW

Y Dhame, VIC

A Dyson, SA

L Macey, NSW

G White, SA

I Burbidge, QLD

O Harvey, QLD

K Ramage, NSW

N Lloyd, QLD

K Booth, NSW

T Forrester, VIC

R Whyte, SA

J Dupuy, QLD