Find out how to book flights with Virgin Australia and our partner airlines. 

Use our handy guide to find out how to book a flight using Points + Pay, add a Velocity number to a current booking, or determine the fare class when booking an international Virgin Australia flight.  


Follow the steps below to use your Velocity Points to book flights on board Virgin Australia and our partner airlines.

Log in to your Velocity account

  • Log into your My Velocity account by entering your Velocity membership number and password in the fields provid

Search for flights

  • Expand the homepage booking  widget to reveal the full booking panel;
  • Enter your flight search criteria; and then
  • Tick the "Use Points +Pay" tick box and select "Find flights"

Tip: See information about flying with Special Assistance and Fare Types

Select your flight time and fare type

  • Choose your preferred flith time and fare type

Tip: Fare inclusions and rules can be viewed and compared by hovering over the fare type titles.

Enter guest details and travel preferences

  • Enter your personal and contact details (and if necessary, documentation), in the fields provided; and
  • Add applicable travel preferences

Add Travel Extras

  • To Carbon Offset, select "Add";
  • If you need to add additional baggage, select the guest(s) who require extra bags, and the number of additional bags required, then click "Add". Please note that additional baggage is only offered for select fares.

Tip: Baggage allowances are only included for selected fares and Velocity Members. To check your baggage inclusions, click the Fare Type and Velocity Tier links provided.

Select your seat

  • Choose the applicable flight for seat selection, and select the guest's name;
  • Choose the guest's preferred seat on the seat map provided;
  • Select "Continue to Payment"

Tip: Refer to the seat key to understand seat availability.

Redeem Points and confirm payment

  • Adjust the slider to indicate the value of Points + Pay and cash you would like to use to pay for your booking, then select "Apply" to confirm;
  • If you opted to use a cash portion to pay for your flight, select your preferred credit card and enter your details in the fields provided;
  • Read the fare rules and tick the tick box to confirm that you have understood the Terms and Conditions of Carriage, Fare Rules and Privacy Policy; and then
  • Select "Continue" to purchase your flight(s) and extras.

Tip: Consult the booking summary, displayed on the right-hand side of your screen, to view your booking details and costs. 

Once your itinerary and e-ticket has been sent to your nominated email address...

  • You will receive a reminder email prior to your flight date
  • If you need to alter your booking (with the exclusion of reward fares), you can do so online via Manage Bookings
  • Guests flying on our domestic network can conveniently check in online via the web or a web-enabled mobile device

Enjoy your flight!

Virgin Australia

You can add your Velocity membership number to your Virgin Australia booking online before you have flown.

Simply visit, enter your details into the 'My Bookings' tab on the left hand side and select 'Manage' to retrieve your booking and add your Velocity membership number.

Provided the flight is eligible to earn Points, Velocity Points will be automatically allocated to the nominated Velocity Account once the flight has been flown.

Other airlines

If you are travelling with one of our airline partners, please call your booking agent or the airline directly to assist you with adding your Velocity membership number to your booking.

Once your membership number has been added you will automatically earn Velocity Points for eligible travel.

Velocity members can earn Points on their tickets when travelling on eligible Virgin Australia flights with a Virgin Australia (VA) flight number, including codeshare services operated by our airline partners.

Follow the steps below to find your Fare Class and determine if it is eligble for Points earn:

Step 1:
Search for your international flight on vthe Virgin Australia website.

Step 2: Choose your preferred flight/s on the "Select" page.

Step 3: After selecting your flight/s, select "View Fare Rules" which appears below the total booking price.

Step 4: EWhen the Fare Rule pop-up is displayed, the first letter of the "Fare Basis" is the Fare Class code.

Step 5: Using this Fare Class, view the Airline Points Earn table on Velocity website to find the corresponding Fare Class, and determine if the flight/s selected are eligible to earn Velocity Points.

Step 6: To work out the mileage and calculate the number of Points you could earn for this flight/s use the Mileage Calculator at the bottom of the Airline Points Earn table page.

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