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    Visit our list of participating retailers and click on the ‘Shop Now’ button each time you want to earn Velocity Points shopping online via the retailer's online store.

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    Our brand new Shop & Earn Google Chrome extension tells you when you can earn Points while browsing online at your favourite stores. Available only on desktop, mobile browser support is coming soon. Terms & conditions apply.

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    All of our participating e-Store partners are available to shop with via the Velocity app. Simply tap 'offers', and select the 'Online Shopping' category

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    Velocity Points will be earned when you shop via the Velocity e-Store and again when you pay using a Velocity Points earning credit card.

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Terms and Conditions:

Velocity e-Store 

You can browse hundreds of retailers and earn Points when you shop online with the Velocity e-Store. The Velocity e-Store is run with the help of Collinson Group Pty Ltd ACN 083 835 661 (Collinson). Collinson sources and manages retailers who offer products and services (products) for sale on retailer websites, accessible via the Velocity e-Store. 

In addition to these Terms, your use of the Velocity e-Store is subject to any terms and conditions published by Collinson on the Velocity e-Store or linked from the Velocity e-Store (e.g. retailer terms and conditions). When you purchase products via the Velocity e-Store, the terms and conditions of the retailer who you purchase from will apply, including e.g. delivery and return policies.

To use the Velocity e-Store, you need to agree to the use of cookies and ensure cookies are turned on in your browser and that your browser security settings allow the use of cookies. Cookies allow us to track your Velocity e-Store purchases and allocate your Points. You can learn more about cookies here

Information displayed at the Velocity e-Store is offered for information purposes only. Information isn’t binding on us unless expressly incorporated by us in these Terms. Information isn’t binding on Collinson unless expressly incorporated in any terms and conditions Collinson publishes on the Velocity e-Store.

Earn Points through the Velocity e-Store

You can earn Points for eligible purchases you make with retailers who are available at the Velocity e-Store and by accessing the retailer’s site via a link from the Velocity e-Store or the Velocity App. You can only make purchases via the Velocity e-Store once you log in to your Velocity account. 
The retailer’s purchase conditions may specify that Points won’t be earned, or may be earned at different rates, for certain Velocity e-Store purchases. Please review purchase conditions for each retailer before making a purchase. The purchase price of all products offered for sale via the Velocity e-Store is in the currency specified by the relevant retailer. Check with the retailer for any applicable taxes, fees and charges (e.g. transaction fees). Prices may change at any time.
Your purchases are tracked and reported back to us and Collinson by the retailer. To earn Points, you’ll need to make your purchase with a retailer in the same session as when you clicked the Velocity e-Store 'Shop Now' button. Velocity Points earn is calculated by converting from purchase currency to Australian Dollars and multiplying the AUD value of the transaction by the applicable Points earn rate.  Points aren’t earned on taxes or shipping.  Going direct to a retailer's site may result in your purchase not being eligible to earn Points. You’ll know you’ve made a successful Velocity e-Store purchase when you get an email within 7 days of your purchase confirming your purchase and that your Points are pending approval from the retailer.

Once a purchase has been approved by the retailer, Points will be credited to your Velocity account (usually within 37 days of your purchase). The process of approving purchases and Points earned is the sole responsibility of the retailer you purchase from.
We may cancel any allocation of Points and can reverse any Points allocated to your Velocity account if we are advised that:
•    you’ve cancelled a purchase;
•    you’ve returned your purchased products to the retailer;
•    an invalid e-Voucher or payment method was used at point of sale;
•    applicable purchase conditions weren’t met (e.g. purchase invalid or ineligible);
•    the retailer cancelled a purchase transaction due to cookie tracking/verification issues; or
•    the purchase was cancelled due to fraudulent, deceptive or misleading behaviour.

If you have a query about Points earned from the Velocity e-Store (e.g. you think the Points you’ve earned are wrong or you haven’t received Points within the above timeframe), please contact the Membership Contact Centre. 

You must contact the retailer directly if you have a question or complaint about your purchased product. 

You access and use the Velocity e-Store at your own risk

We aren’t responsible for the content of the Velocity e-Store or the content or availability of any third party websites that link from the Velocity website including the sites of retailers.

We aren’t responsible for any errors or delays in reporting transactions. We’ll use reasonable endeavours to ensure that reporting of transactions by retailers occurs. We don’t warrant any timeframe for approval of a purchase. We aren’t responsible for any failure in communication between Velocity, retailers, Collinson or members, all of which is beyond our control.

Where permitted by law to do so, we exclude all liability to you or anyone else for any direct or indirect loss, damage or expense arising from your use of the Velocity e-Store regardless of whether the liability arose from negligence, breach of contract or otherwise, and regardless of whether we have any control over circumstances giving rise to the claim or not.

Warranties, if any, are provided by retailers and not us. We don’t accept liability for defects in the quality or condition of products and make no claims or warranties as to the delivery of products.

Shop and Earn Terms and Conditions:

Velocity Shop & Earn is a Google Chrome browser extension (Shop & Earn) that allows Velocity Members to earn Velocity Points when purchasing eligible products with participating retailers. To earn Velocity Points, Velocity Members must: 1. use Google Chrome on a desktop computer, 2. have successfully downloaded and installed Shop & Earn, 3. have logged into their Velocity account through the extension, 4. purchase eligible products with participating retailers on the Velocity e-Store, and 5. ensure to keep their Velocity e-Store session activated through the use of Shop & Earn (please keep Velocity membership numbers and passwords private and safe).   

Please ensure that cookies are turned on in Google Chrome to ensure that Velocity Points can be awarded. Cookies are used during an active session in the Velocity e-Store using Shop & Earn for authentication and tracking purposes, and purchases are reported between the relevant retailer, Velocity and Collinson Group Pty Ltd ACN 083 835 661 (which provides the Velocity e-Store).

Velocity Members will be notified by email within 7 working days of the date of purchase whether the purchase is eligible to earn Velocity Points. Once a purchase has been approved by the retailer, Velocity Points will be credited to the Member’s Velocity account (usually within 37 working days of the purchase). The process of approving purchases and awarding Velocity Points is at the discretion of the retailer. Velocity may cancel any allocation of Velocity Points or can reverse any allocated Velocity Points if it is advised that: 1. the Member has cancelled the relevant purchase or returned the products, 2. an invalid e-Voucher or payment method was used at point of sale, 3. applicable purchase conditions are not satisfied (e.g. purchase invalid or ineligible), or 4. the retailer cancelled a purchase transaction (for instance due to product availability or any fraudulent behaviour by the Velocity Member).

By downloading, installing or using Shop & Earn, Velocity Members agree to the Velocity Membership Terms and Conditions, the Velocity e-Store Terms and Conditions, and the Google Terms of Service. Velocity Members also acknowledge that they have read the Virgin Australia Group Privacy Policy. Shop & Earn is not available for all retailers on the Velocity e-Store and may not be available on all products offered by retailers. Velocity Points are not earned on taxes, shipping and delivery charges. For retailers that do not support Shop & Earn, please visit Velocity e-Store for more information on how Velocity Points can be earned. Additionally, each retailer has its own terms and conditions which apply to the purchase of eligible products. Velocity is not responsible for any information available through Shop & Earn which is provided by any third party, including retailers.

These Velocity e-Store Shop & Earn terms and conditions may change at any time. Google Chrome is a registered trade mark from Google LLC.

Velocity Membership Terms and Conditions apply. 

Google Chrome,  and Google Play are registered trade marks of Google LLC. The Apple logo and App store are registered trade marks of Apple Inc.

Other terms:

  • Once on a retailer’s online store, the retailer’s terms and conditions apply.
  • Purchases will appear on your e-Store My Purchases as ‘pending’ within 7 days*.
  • Points for approved purchases will be credited to your Velocity account within 37 days of purchase.
  • Velocity Points are not awarded on shipping or GST.

More questions? Please refer to the Help page.

* Eligible iTunes purchases do not enter a pending state, instead they will appear as approved approximately 20 days from purchase date. Points on Apple purchases will show as pending in your account once shipped. eBay purchases in some circumstances take 14 days to appear as pending.