Bonus Points
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Bonus Points


Earn up to 1,000 Points on your next 4 transactions at 7-Eleven^.

Activate this offer by {{activationEndDate}} and make an eligible in store purchase before {{activityEndDate}} to earn your bonus Points. 

Limited to one transaction per day.

  1. Activate this offer by {{activationEndDate}}

  2. Make an eligible purchase at 7-Eleven on 4 separate calendar days to earn Points^.

  3. Earn 100 Points on your 1st transaction after activation, 200 points on your second transaction, 300 points on your third transaction & 400 Points on your fourth transaction.

  4. Scan your Velocity linked My 7-Eleven app at the checkout.

  5. Offer ends {{promotionEndDate}}

Mobil Quality Fuel

Thanks to their latest detergent additives, Mobil fuels at 7-Eleven stores are designed to improve engine performance, helping to provide you with better fuel economy.* 

 *All benefits are compared to unadditised fuel.