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At Velocity, we love delivering new and exciting program benefits for our members – which is why Velocity Live has us jumping out of our seats. Scroll down to check out all the events we have available currently and be sure to check back as the offers regularly change.

A hub for live experiences and event offers, exclusively for Velocity members

At Velocity, we love designing new program innovations. Velocity Live brings this to you as well as other benefits we know you’ll love.

Great events and presales

From big gigs to family friendly and sporting events, we'll have tickets to suit every taste.

Earn Velocity Points

Earn 1 Velocity Point per $1 spent on your ticket's price for selected events.

Premium seating

Enjoy the benefits of Velocity’s premium seating allocation at selected events.

Awesome competitions

Go in the running to win some amazing money-can’t-buy experiences!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the value in buying through Velocity Live rather than directly with the ticket provider?

Every single offer available on Velocity Live will be tailored to our members to ensure there is value added. For example, you may earn Velocity Points or be offered a premium seating allocation to a concert. Velocity Live will also be offering pre-sale ticket opportunities throughout the year.

Is Velocity trying to become a ticket provider?

Absolutely not. Velocity Live (the hub) will never ask our members for their credit card details or sell tickets. Each transaction is completed through the certified Ticketek website which uses secure payment methods.

What does the red P+ icon mean on some of the events and why is it on some and not others?

The P+ icon shows that you will earn Velocity Points on your ticket price for that event. Not all events and experiences available through Velocity Live will earn Velocity Points.

Why didn’t I receive Points on the total amount of my Ticketek purchase?

Points can only be earned on the ticket value, not on any fees and additional products you purchased in the same Ticketek transaction.

I just joined Velocity but can’t access/purchase any events. What should I do?

If you just joined Velocity, you’ll need to wait 24 hours until you can access events through Velocity Live. Please check back again once this time has passed.

How long will it take for Points to be credited to my account?

Points will be allocated to your account within 7 days of the ticket purchase.

I received an email for a special event but the website won’t let me purchase more than 2 tickets, why is that?

The maximum number of tickets available to a member will differ depending on the event. In this case, the maximum a member can purchase is 2 tickets.

My friend forwarded an email to me for a pre-sale event, why can’t I access the event through the link?

The email is specifically targeted to members and can only be used by the member who received the email.

I didn’t receive my tickets, what should I do?

Velocity is not responsible for the fulfilment of tickets. Please refer to ‘Help’ section on the Ticketek website or the website of the ticket provider for more details.

I purchased a ticket but I can’t go to the event now. Can I get a refund or an exchange?

Velocity is not responsible for the fulfilment of tickets. Please refer to ‘Help’ section on the Ticketek website or the website of the ticket provider for more details.

I forgot my Ticketek password, can you help me?

Sorry, we can only assist with Velocity related enquiries. Please contact Ticketek directly for your log in details.

I have a Ticketek voucher. Will I earn Velocity Points if I redeem the voucher for my ticket purchase?

Yes, tickets purchased using Ticketek vouchers are eligible to earn Velocity Points if the tickets are purchased via the cobranded Velocity Live and Ticketek event pages.

Can I earn Velocity Points on every purchase?

You will be able to earn Points on the cost of your ticket on eligible transactions through the Ticketek website. Members will be notified at check out that they will be earning Points on that transaction.

I used the cobranded Velocity Live and Ticketek event pages to purchase my tickets but I haven’t received my Velocity Points and it’s been longer than 7 days. What should I do?

Please call the Membership Contact Centre on 13 18 75.

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*Velocity members will earn 1 Velocity Point for every $1 spent on their ticket when purchasing eligible tickets. Not all purchases made through Velocity Live will be eligible to earn Velocity Points. To earn Velocity Points, purchases must be made directly through the co-branded Ticketek and Velocity Live event pages (via links on or Velocity Live emails). Events housed on Velocity Live that are eligible for Velocity Points earn will be indicated in the event summary and throughout the co-branded Ticketek and Velocity Live event pages. Velocity Points will be earned on the amount of the ticket price only. Service and handling fees or any additional items added to an order are not eligible for Points earn. Please allow up to 7 days from the ticket purchase date for the Velocity Points to appear in your Velocity account. Retrospective Points claims are not permitted as Velocity Points can only be earned through the co-branded Ticketek and Velocity Live event pages.

Members acknowledge that Velocity Live is a hub only for event and experience offers. Tickets and experiences are not fulfilled by Velocity. Members must therefore have a valid Ticketek account or sign up to Ticketek in the purchase pathway through the co-branded Ticketek and Velocity Live event pages to be able to complete an order and be awarded Velocity Points. Ticketek purchases are governed by Ticketek’s Terms and Conditions  and Privacy Policy .

For events not eligible for Velocity Points earn (such as events aligned with Velocity group sponsorship partners and Velocity Redemption Partners), individual offer terms and conditions will apply and will be clearly indicated.

To earn and redeem Velocity Points you must be a Velocity member. Velocity membership and Points earn and redemption are subject to the Member Terms and Conditions, as amended from time to time.

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