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Airline Update

Important update on our Airline Partners

10 July 2017 

New Chinese and Hong Kong Airline Partners

On 6 July 2017 we welcomed four new airline partners into our program: Hainan Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Capital Airlines and Tianjin Airlines.

Together with Virgin Australia, these airlines operate over 75 weekly flights from Hong Kong and 13 destinations in mainland China to Australia and New Zealand. As Velocity members you will be able to earn Velocity Points and Status Credits on these flights.

Velocity members can earn Velocity Points and Status Credits on the following services: 

  • All Hong Kong Airlines operated flights (excluding to/from North America) 
  • All Hainan Airlines, Capital Airlines and Tianjin Airlines operated flights between Australia, New Zealand and Greater China (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau) as well as all domestic flights within those regions.

In the coming weeks benefits for Velocity members will increase and you will also be able to book reward flights on these new partners. Eligible1 Velocity members will also receive Priority Check-in, Priority Boarding, Additional Baggage allowances and Lounge access.

New direct flights from Greater China to Australia and New Zealand

1 Velocity Silver, Gold and Platinum members will be able to access Priority Check-In, Priority Boarding and Additional Baggage allowances. Velocity Gold and Platinum members will also be able to access eligible Hong Kong Airlines and Hainan Airlines operated lounges.


New Delta Air Lines Points Bonus

From 31 July 2017, Velocity Platinum, Gold and Silver members will earn even more Velocity Points when flying on Delta Air Lines or Virgin Australia operated flights with DL flight number through the introduction of Velocity’s new Points bonus2. Currently, Velocity Silver, Gold and Platinum members earn a Points bonus on flights with VA flight numbers. The newly introduced Points bonus will enable Velocity members to earn the same Points bonus on flights with a DL flight number as they currently do on VA flights (see below).

2 In addition to the Base Points earned, Platinum, Gold and Silver members earn a Points bonus. Base Points refers to the minimum number of Points that can be earned for an eligible activity or transaction by a Red member.


Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Reward Seats

From 31 August 2017, Velocity members can use their Points to redeem Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Reward Seats. With this addition, Velocity members can now redeem Velocity Points across all cabin classes on Singapore Airlines flights.

The Points prices displayed below are the minimum Points required on the most direct routes. Where a one-way trip includes multiple flights and a stopover, change in cabin class or multiple airlines, the Points price required will be higher3

Minimum amount of Points required for a Singapore Airlines Reward Seat

Zone One-Way Miles Economy Premium Economy4 Business First5
1 1-600 10,000 15,000 18,000 26,000
2 601-1,200 14,000 21,000 26,000 38,000
3 1,201-2,400 20,000 30,000 38,000 56,000
4 2,401-3,600 28,000 42,000 53,000 78,000
5 3,601-4,800 35,000 50,500 65,000 95,000
6 4,801-5,800 42,000 63,000 78,000 114,000
7 5,801-7,000 50,000 75,000 92,000 134,000
8 7,001-8,500 56,000 84,000 104,000 152,500
9 8,501-9,500 65,000 97,500 121,000 177,000
10 9,501-15,000 75,000 112,500 139,000 203,000
Note. Selected services unavailable for redemption

3 The Points price for a Reward Seat will be based on the total miles for all sectors in a one way journey, except where there is a break in the journey. Where there is a break in the journey, the Points price is calculated on a per sector basis. A break in the journey includes: (a) a stopover, which means: (i) in an Australian domestic itinerary, a break of journey at an intermediate point when onward travel does not take place on the same calendar day; and (ii) for all other itineraries, including those containing a domestic to international connecting flight, when a passenger arrives at an intermediate point and is not scheduled to depart within 24 hours of arrival; (b) a change in class of travel within the journey; or (c) a change in operating airline where the airlines are located in different Reward Seat Points tables.
4 Velocity Points cannot be redeemed on Singapore Airlines flights for bookings and travel before 31 August 2017. Find out more
5 To redeem Points for a Singapore Airlines First Class Reward Seat, you need to contact our Membership Contact Centre .


Changes to Air New Zealand partnership

We are making changes to our partnership with Air New Zealand. Velocity members will continue to earn and redeem Points and receive other benefits, when travelling on Air New Zealand operated flights within and between Australia and New Zealand. However, from 1 November 2017 Velocity members will not earn or redeem Velocity Points and Status Credits, or receive other benefits when travelling on all other Air New Zealand operated flights. Any bookings made prior to 10 July 2017 for travel after 1 November 2017 will still be eligible for Velocity Points and Status Credit earn. Find out more.


Virgin America loyalty program ‘Elevate’ is dissolving

Earlier this year Virgin America announced that their loyalty program, ‘Elevate’, was dissolving. As a result, Velocity members will not earn and redeem Points on Virgin America after 30 September 2017. To earn Velocity Points and Status Credits with Virgin America, flights will need to be booked and travelled before 30 September 2017. Eligible benefits (such priority check in and boarding) will also end on 30 September 2017. For Reward Seats on Virgin America, Velocity members will need book before 30 September 2017 and travel before 15 January 2018. Find out more.