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Claim missing Points

Claim missing Points for flights

The process to claim missing Points for flights depends on the airline partner you travelled with.

View information on claiming missing Points from airline partners.

Claim missing Points for non-airline partners

If you are missing Velocity Points from one of our non-airline partners, please contact the respective partner directly within 3 months of the eligible transaction. Your claim will be assessed and processed by the respective partner. If you have any questions relating to the claim you must follow directly with the partner. You must have been a Velocity member at the time of activity, however you can claim missing Points for an activity completed within the 30 days prior to joining Velocity Frequent Flyer.

View contact details for these partners.

Please note that not all partners accept retrospective Points claims. Successful claims for non-air partners will be credited to your account between 7 days and 6 weeks of submission, depending on the processing time of the partner.