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Membership Pause

they won't stay still, but your membership will. Enjoy every precious moment with Velocity Membership Pause.

All Platinum, Gold and Silver members have the opportunity to pause their membership for a 6 month period if they are expecting a new addition to the family. Following this pause, members will resume their membership status for a further 12 months.

Membership Pause applies to the membership level and does not apply to Points and Status Credits. Members who are approved for Membership Pause can continue to earn and redeem Points and Status Credits, and existing Status Credits will continue to be removed from their Membership Account, once Status Credits reach their 12 month validity.

All Members are entitled to apply for a Membership Pause for Parental Leave once for each child, up until that child reaches the age of two years. There may be up to two Member parents on Membership Pause for Parental Leave, for the same child, at any one time.

To apply for a Membership Pause, members should call the Membership Contact Centre and may be required to provide documentation of pregnancy, recent or future child birth or adoption of a child in the form of a doctor's certificate; a birth certificate; or an adoption or foster parent registration.

See Membership Pause for Parental Leave Terms and Conditions